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  • Why choose aluminum?


            Aluminum is highly active, and the surface is prone to oxidation. Because the oxides produced on the surface are dense and will isolate the air, it can prevent the internal metal from being further oxidized. However, this layer of aluminum oxide will peel off after a period of time, so it must be used. It can produce a protective layer with good mechanical properties, wear resistance and oxidation resistance to prevent further oxidation of aluminum.

    Lightweight and tough

            Aluminum has a low density, only about one-third of that of iron, which is the smallest density among metals, so it is very light. After being alloyed with other metals, it is both tough and light. Therefore, it is widely used in various products. It can be said that there is aluminum everywhere in life.
  • Advantages of aluminum extrusion

            The range of aluminum extrusions in industrial applications is becoming wider and wider, and due to the particularity of its materials and the high prices of steel and other metals in recent years, many industrial products that originally used steel or other metals have turned to aluminum extrusions. As a substitute, in addition to light weight, rigidity, easy processing and good heat dissipation effect, the special metallic luster of aluminum extrusion products after anodizing has gradually gained the favor of consumers and is widely used in interior decoration projects, furniture and even So electronic products and so on. Shouxing's past products are all products that are closely related to life. It can be said that Shouxing Aluminum is ubiquitous.

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From manufacturing to packaging and shipping, we operate with the most rigorous attitude. Aluminum extrusion processing is customized to produce solar aluminum extrusion brackets. Mainly with aluminum extrusion building materials, it has quickly become one of Taiwan’s major architectural aluminum manufacturers and suppliers. Aluminum extrusion processing combines high-quality aluminum extrusion with excellent research and development design, and aluminum extrusion processing uses sophisticated technology Provide various processing services to customers